Cat Tales will not have a 2020 or 2021 show because of COVID-19.
We hope to see you in 2022.



Crystal, Minnesota
August 17-18, 2019


Our 2019 show was held August 17 and 18 in the Crystal Community Center, 4800 Douglas Drive, Crystal, Minnesota, 55429. If you were visitor, you saw some awesome cats, and we know you enjoyed watching the competition and visiting the vendors. Our free Spectator Guide helped you enjoy the cat show.

If you're an exhibitor, we welcome you every year, and we know our show will help you get a good start in the new show year. If you'd like to get your cat professionally photographed, our show photographer can do that while you are at the show. If you've never exhibited before, we are especially eager to help you get started showing your cat - both purebred cats and household pets. Follow the link for Show Info - Exhibitors to get the details.

– Shelley Wood, Show Chairman Shelly Wood, Show Co-Chairman

See cats and kittens of many breeds, household pet cats, and much more!




Children (5-12)


Seniors (62+)


Family (up to 6)


Senior Group (4 people)


Handicapped and Care Giver


Click here for show times, maps, frequently asked questions, and more information about getting the most out of the cat show.

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