Objectives of Cat Tales Cat Fanciers


To sponsor and promote the welfare of ALL CATS.


To encourage the breeding of pedigreed cats toward the ACFA Standards of Perfection.


To sponsor and promote cat shows, cat exhibits and interest in and knowledge of all domestic cats.


To promote sportsmanship and friendship among cat fanciers and cat owners.


To foster care and kindness to ALL CATS and cat owners.

The Cat Tales Cat Fanciers club held their first ACFA show in Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota, in May, 2001. (Cat Tales had previously been chartered as a CFA club.) The club's second ACFA show was held in Maple Grove, Minnesota, in May, 2002, and shows remained at that location through 2007. In 2008, the Maple Grove Community Center was being renovated, so we moved the show back to Inver Grove Heights. In 2009 we moved back up north to Brooklyn Park, just down the road from the Maple Grove Community Center. In 2010, neither Inver Grove Heights nor Brooklyn Park were available, so we moved to the Crystal Community Center. In 2011 we returned to Brooklyn Park. In 2012 we moved to Champlin. In 2013 we went back to Brooklyn Park, and in 2016 we returned to Crystal.

Club officers:

President and Treasurer: Shelley Wood
Vice-President: Mark Vollmer Mark Vollmer
Secretary: Janice Becker Janice Becker
Councilor: Jo Newton Jo Newton

Club members Glen and Jo Newton created and maintain this web site.

Club members enjoyed themselves at the summer, 2002, picnic in Stillwater's Pioneer Park.

Club members had a good time at the July 26, 2008, picnic at Russ and Gwen Pangerl's house.
The bowling party at West Side Lanes, January 17, 2010, was fun for everyone.