Judges for the 2003 Show

Judges for Saturday, May 17

Carol Jordan Carol Jordan Allbreed Minnetonka, Minnesota
Lonnie Alitz Lonnie Alitz
(We thank Lonnie for filling in on short notice due to Joan Harvey's illness.)
Allbreed Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Dan Lalley Dan Lalley Allbreed Madison, Wisconsin
Maureen Krzeszewski Maureen Krzeszewski Specialty Farmington, Minnesota

Judges for Sunday, May 18

Joan Apel-Klarner Joan Apel-Klarner Allbreed Rockford, Illinois
Joyce Irwin Joyce Irwin Allbreed Hemet, California
Sandy Antcliff Sandy Antcliff Allbreed Elgin, Illinois
LeAnn Harner LeAnn Harner Specialty Mandan, North Dakota

Pictures of judges at the 2001 ACFA Annual were provided courtesy of Dave Hull. Other pictures of judges were provided by Glen and Jo Newton and Norma Anderson.